Friday, April 8, 2011

short story

“Help, help!” Tom frantically screamed.  Tom had just realized that he was lost and alone in the woods. That morning Tom was on a hike alone. Every morning he would go on his routine hike with his dog on the same trail. But because recently Tom had lost his loyal best friend, the trail made him remember his dog and brought sadness to him. When he began to get nostalgic from the path he was walking on he went his own way thinking that he would simply take a short cut to the end of the trail.

“What the heck was I thinking?” Tom said aloud. He was feeling guilty and madness for doing something so stupid. By this time of the day he had a gut feeling he would not be found by the end of the day. He decided to make camp and sit and wait to be found. He thought that staying in one spot would help rescuers find him easier. All of a sudden he heard a footsteps walking toward him. He jumped up yelling “Hey! Over here! My name is Tom and I am lost! Help!” hoping that someone would respond. Emerging from the brush and from a camouflaged, brush pile hut appeared a man. Tom was absolutely shocked. This man just appeared out of nowhere. He realized that he was no longer alone unless this man was some kind of evil. The man had a long white scruffy beard with very tan skin. You could tell that he spent all of his time outdoors and was homeless.

“What is going on here? Why is a man like you so far into the woods?” questioned the homeless man.
“It was a huge mistake. This morning I was on a hike and I decided to walk on my own path and pretty much take a short cut through the woods and to the end of the trail. Then mid afternoon I realized that I was a lost. More lost than I ever have been.” cried Tom.

“Well you were not thinking! Maybe next time you wander into the woods that you will think about the consequences!” yelled the annoyed homeless man.

“Yes, that is a very good idea. I clearly was not thinking at all. I thought I knew these woods like the back of my hand…but I guess I don’t.  Sir, what is your name and what are you doing in the woods?”

“My name?! Why bother asking?! Ugh, I suppose! My name is Roy. I have been calling these woods the past twenty years of my life!” Roy said intensely. “I came out here because I was a fugitive. Everywhere I went I knew that someone would recognize me and turn me in. So I came out here and live by myself.”
“What did you do Roy?” Tom questioned.
”Why does it matter?! It is all nonsense now." Roy said in a low tone of voice.

Suddenly Tom felt as if wasn't alone anymore. Tom had lost his dog and Roy pretty much lost his normal life. Together at different times they sought refuge in the woods. After befriending each other they actually became close friends. Who knew that two completely opposite people could become two friends. After awhile and waiting for rescuers that never came that day, Roy invited Tom to stay in his shelter until they heard rescuers coming. On the third day they were sitting and talking about their lives when all of a sudden they both heard "We found him! Go! Go! Go!". Immediately, Ron took off running to hide himself and Tom was jumping up and down and waving his arms at the same time trying to be seen. He had thought that rescuers had finally come to save him. He saw the camouflage suits of the army men and the black suits of the cops and German Shepards tugging at the end of their leashes. The cops came up to him and practically screamed at him to get on the ground and put his arms behind his back. Confussed, he jumped down faster than he ever could. "Stop! I am Tom! I've been lost in the woods for four days!" he tried pleaing to the cop. But in a matter of minutes he was handcuffed and was with a cop. As he got up he saw that Roy had been tazered by cops and was on the ground. Cops were surrounding him left and right. This day was the last day for Roy and his wilderness freedom.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sci-fi story

They said they found me laying face up, unconscious, and surrounded by what remained of my ice block. What I remember last, I was preparing my 18 year old self be cryonically frozen until the year 3,011. Back in 2011, there was a horrible radiation  explosion that would pollute the entire world and kill almost anything living. Scientists said that in 1,000 years the earth would be safe again. Only 5,000 people on chosen to be frozen to escape the radiation pollution to save the human race. Unfortunately, this is not what happened. But here is what did….

I awoke disoriented and confused. I had somewhat of a brain freeze but the pain throbbed throughout my entire body. Strange figures were frantically working around me to carefully chisel the ice away from my thawing body. My first thought was that it was year 3,011. As my eyesight came into better focus I could see that the figures were human and wore white suits. The suits looked like astronaut suits. They were dressing me in one of their white body suits and as they were, I passed out. When I woke up again, there was this man named Atticus sitting on the opposite side of the bed they placed me on. “What…what year is it?” I mumbled through my helmet-mask.

“It is year 2,111.” Atticus said in a confident tone. Suddenly I was 100% conscious and baffled. I was supposed to be de-thawed by year 3,011. I knew something went horribly wrong. “I am Atticus. I was found 10 years ago around the same place you were when we found you. I was cryonically frozen just like you too in 2011. Unfortunately, I have been contaminated by the radiation you are our last hope." Atticus said

"What do you mean last hope?" i said confused.

"Everyone, and everything that was not frozen became mutated from the pollution causing them to live an extended amount of time and unable to die and grow massive lumps on their backs." told Atticus.

"Then what is there that i can do to help?" i said concerned.

"I am glad that you say that. There is a city of ultra smart scientists, who back in 2011 created a magic fish incase this ever happened. The magic fish cured all who are contaminated. But the thing is, they created a floating city that is surrounded by a titanuim bubble and is nearly impossible to get to. You are the only one that can go there and save the rest of us and get the magic fish. Could you go on this mission?"

"Yes, I will go on this mission!" i said in a confident tone.

"Sounds good..."

That is the last of the conversation that i remember. I accepted the journey. Atticus lent me his brave dog Brutus. Brutus was not your average dog. He had six legs and sounded like a fog horn when he barked. Brutus was also very muscular and bold. Sinse I was frozen, humans invented a collar that could translate animal barks into speech. As we started on this journey Brutus was telling me about how he had a very good sense of smell and could lead the way to Atlantice. He said that he could confidently get us there. Everything that was so green and lush with life was dull and grey. All the forestry, wildlife and everything you can imagine. The birds did not sing, not even the wind. The radioactive pollution sucked the life out of everything living and mutated it grey. Two nights into our journey and the night before crossing the Mumble River, we met Ron the rabbit. After hearing quick sniffles in and out, Ron hopped out from behind a large dirt pile. Both Brutus and I were terrified. "Just sit still and hopefully whatever that is wont get us! I've never smelt anything like that before!" frantically whispered Brutus. As the creature appeared out of the silhouette dirt pile and into the glow of the only thing still bright, the moon, it screeched "Oh my!" in a high pitch, almost mouse like tone. It was a huge rabbit..practically the size of an elephant. "Hi there, I am Brutus and this is Kaitlyn. Were on our way to the city. We mean no harm to you." he said boldly.

"Oh! That is good! I was frightened! I mean no harm to you either. I am Ron. Somehow I've become this talking rabbit the size of an elephant. It is such a shame that the pollution has done this! I can't even drink out of the Muble River anymore! I can only jump across it! I feel like i can't do anything anymore!" said Ron in a complaining tone.

"It is a shame! Say, i know one thing you can do! You can help us cross the Muble River..and maybe any other travelers as well!" Brutus barked.

"Why, yes! I can do that! Sounds splendid!" Ron snickered.

All three of us spent the night camping out together talking about how things used to be. About everything was right and nothing to us then seemed wrong. About everything that was green and full of life. About when the birds would sing and the water was clean. Eventually we all got tired and fell asleep while we were talking. That night we experienced our first radioactive storm. Lightning shot from the ground and the clouds almost looked like grey upside down twirling tornado's. Not to mention, after the lightning would he a horrible crack of thunder..but this wasn't the normal thunder i remembered. It sounded more like vacuum. Thankfully we escaped from any type of harm. The next morning we were preparing to cross the Muble river as early as possible. The Muble River was dangerous. That is where some of the victimized radiated humans were placed after they became too radioactive to deal with. Ron the rabbit let us get on his back as he jumped us over the Muble River. We jumped over it like a girl playing hopscotch but with radioactive and mutated humans jumping up at us like popping kettle corn. When we landed, Brutus asked Rob to keep hopping to help us decrease our journey time. By the time he had stopped hopping, it was pitch black. The moon was not out so you could see absolutely nothing. Not even your own hand in front of your face. We decided to make camp and Ron would leave in the morning. That morning, I remember waking up to the most magnificent sight i have ever seen. It was the city. Up there floating was a giant shiny floating metal ball
not even a football field away. There was a giant door on the front. “Brutus wake up! We are at the city!” I said all excitedly.

“We are?! My, I thought we had another’s day journey ahead of us! Ron surely hopped fast! Let’s go!” Brutus said as he was getting up.

We began running as fast as we could toward the city door. Almost faster than racehorses it seemed like. As we got to the door we stood about two inches away from its silver casing in amazement. We made it. Brutus led the way and I was going to save the human race. I grabbed the handle and twisted it expecting to see a wonderful city of all lively people. Instead, I was sucked in by a huge sucking force and the door shut behind me. Brutus was left outside. The ground of the inside of the circle was just a white floor and looking up was a very, very bright light. All of a sudden I was getting lifted off the ground and flying upward fast. All I could hear were voices talking to me saying “She’s back, she’s back!” and “Stay with me!” I had then finally realized what had really happened. I was driving home when suddenly a semi-truck ran a red light and hit my car. I had been knocked unconscious for about two hours before paramedics could find me. During the rest of the day I was also going in and out of consciousness. The man, Atticus, was actually a paramedic I remembered seeing for just a brief few moments before slipping back into a deep sleep and the rest must have been a dream that I was having. I guess in a way, my dream kind of saved my life…but mostly Brutus. Brutus must have been my unconscious telling and leading me to the “city” to save the human race but in this case, the human race was just my life.

class recap

i liked this class. it was probably my favorite class of the quarter. what i liked about this class is that it gave me the freedom to say, write, and be creative with my thoughts compared to other classes where it is very structured. Another thing that i liked about this class is the poetry unit and the songs. I've always liked poetry and finding the meaning in songs and this made me think and learn more about the structure of poems and lyrics.

one negative aspect of the class i thought was the sci-fi paper.i think that people should me given more options on what to write their paper about because some people  may not know much about any science fiction. another thing was that it got kind of repetitive. i think that if we played some kind of word game to get us to think creatively would break the routine. A game like the whole class sat in a circle and every says one word to create a story. an example would be like the first person says "Once" and then the next person says "upon" and the story builds with each word a person says....maybe something like that..kind of like the thing on Who's Line Is it Anyway where they sing a song or come up with a story.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

worst restaurant experience

My worst restaurant experience all happened at the same place. that place was Culvers. My sister, mom and i would all go to Culver's pretty much on a weekly basis, but this time it was a family dinner. My sister and i religiously order french fries and chicken tenders. My mom ordered some fries and then after her and my dad split a banana split. When we got our food we were so excited. My sister and i were munching away on our chicken tenders when my sister got this nasty look on her face. She bit into an Incredible Hulk green chicken tender. Either that piece of chicken was mutant or the butchers killed a magical green chicken. After that we were disgusted and stopped eating our food and thought that we'll just help our parents eat their banana split. All of a sudden my mom got this nasty look on her face. She stuck her had up to her mouth and pulled out a long hair from her bite of custard/ice cream. Needless to say, we all together stopped eating and walked out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


if i ever had the money, i would open my own authentic restaurant. it would be a restaurant that is located at the top of a secluded hill or mountain. it would have gorgeous skylines everywhere you look. it would have a sophisticated and warm look to it. id use a lot of outdoor colors and tones to bring the outdoors in. it would be a perfect restaurant for couples to eat dinner and watch the sun set...not to mention the classical music playing to add that extra relaxing effect. i would make it a 21 plus restaurant because i would want something where adults can go to and get away from the modern dine in restaurant and grill. it would have top quality food, but at a reasonable price that everyone could afford. i would have arrangements of food from all throughout the world so that there would be a large selection for what ever taste bud need that person may need to fulfill. And we would have our own special, home made icecream with home made brownies!

Monday, April 4, 2011

man with a chair

After coming home from what he thought was going to be a nice dinner with his girlfriend of three years, this man was unpleasently surprised. She said that she has had another romantic interest for the past year. She basically admitted that she had been cheating on him fir the past year with his younger brother. He was devistated. All his trust and love had been completely broken with any other woman figure that he may have in his life. He came home after dinner and grabbed the first chair that he saw. This one happened to be a chair handed down from his grandma

Friday, April 1, 2011

behind her the noise escalated

behind her a noise exploded. there was a great big flame coming from the horizon behind her as well. it was in the middle of world war two. she was running wild after escaping the nazi concentration camps. she accidentally set off a land mine that's why there was a giant explosion and fire behind her. the Nazi's saw her running and the noise of their guns and Humvee grew louder and louder. the noise was escalating.